Two Friends

Note: some of the above embedded videos may not play correctly, due to YouTube licensing issues. You can click through to listen to them directly on YouTube.

Something different: rather than talk about my own musical predilections, I thought I’d interview other people about theirs! Two friends from different spheres of my life raised their hand and volunteered for this experiment. Here’s the results:

First up is my fraternity brother from my college days at the University of Michigan. We hadn’t spoken for many years until re-connecting on Facebook. Our lives have taken different paths, but we share a love of music. I hadn’t realized Tony is also a musician himself! I asked both friends to share a couple songs that influenced them. Tony named three:

Beyond Belief, by Elvis Costello
One Small Day, by Ultravox
Elemental, by Tears for Fears

Here is my full interview with Tony:

Interview with Tony

Next up is my friend Gordon. I’ve known Gordon for many years – we share both professional aspirations (writing, social media, and social causes), and personal interests (science fiction, cat owners, and classic rock!). He brought two songs to share:

Mama Look a Boo Boo, by Harry Belafonte

In the full interview below, Gordon shares a touching story about why this song means much to him. His second song choice is much different:

Unsatisfied, by the Replacements

While these two are decades apart, they both touch upon a sense of finding one’s self and making one’s way in the world. Here’s my full interview with Gordon. Enjoy!

I had a blast interviewing both Tony and Gordon and look forward to doing more of these in the weeks ahead.

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